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Why Fiberglass Doors?

Built for long-lasting energy efficiency, durability and beauty.

Gives authentic look and feel of real wood. Built from a material that won’t dent or rust, nor will it warp, split, crack or rot. Provides homes with weather resistance, as well as long-lasting curb appeal.

Interactive Glass Display

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Fiberglass Door Surface Options

Woodgrain Textured Surface Fiberglass doors combine the beauty of wood with the strength and durability of fiberglass. A textured surface manufactured to look like real wood gives you the look of Oak, Mahogany or Fir for your new front door with hundreds of glass styles for you to choose from. Available prefinished so you don't have to. Smooth Finish Surface Smooth fiberglass doors combine a smooth paintable surface with a durability that steel doors don't offer. Unlike steel doors that can be easily dented, a fiberglass door will take abuse and still look great. Also available in hundreds of door and glass styles, smooth fiberglass doors are also available prepainted.

Finished for Lasting Beauty

PrismaGuard™ stain brings the authentic look of wood to life with rich tones that add dimension and are designed to enhance the wood grains of Therma-Tru™ fiberglass doors. Step 1: It starts with the realistic wood grains and deep embossments of a Therma-Tru® door. Step 2: A base coat provides an even, consistent color across the surface of the door. Step 3: A wiping stain enhances the base coat to reflect the natural beauty of the wood. Step 4: For added durability, a catalyzed topcoat protects against scratches and color fading.

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